Among the classics of Julien Josephson, “THE STORY OF HEIDI”, directed by Allan Dwan, came into picture in 1937.It is a story based movie describes the childhood incidences of a little girl named Heidi. Heidi lost her parents when she was a toddle. She was brought up by her aunt, and later her grandfather, Jean took the guardianship. Her grandfather was a noble man and a strict personality, who lived in the valleys of mountains which is 100 miles away from France. Peter, an 8 years old boy, accompanied Heidi’s grandfather. Peter spent all his time by taking grandfather’s cattle; for feeding the cattle up in the mountain of nourishes grass.

As Heidi attained 7 years old, her aunt Mady, decided to hand over Heidi to her grandfather. Both of them started journey in the cart to the mountains where Heidi’s grandfather lives. On the way to the destination she meets Peter and they became good friends. For the first time Heidi is going to see her grandfather. Heidi is delighted to see her grandfather and loved the place around his house. All the innocent behavior and activities of Heidi reminded the childhood of grandfathers son i.e Heidi’s father. Grandfather loved Heidi’s innocent and her pleasant presence. Heidi with her ever smiling face enjoys her days by spending time with the cattle along with Peter and other animals. One fine morning Heidi’s grandfather receives a letter from her nephew in France. Heidi’s nephew mentioned, in the letter, about Heidi’s future and comfort of being in city, France. Also she can help her friend’s daughter Anna, who is paralyzed from her childhood. Heidi’s grandfather was unhappy to see the letter. When her nephew comes to his house to take Heidi, he regretted to send Heidi to France and he sent her out of his house. Heidi’s nephew somehow manages to brainwash Heidi on the way from grandfather’s house and she takes her to France.

Heidi reaches Anna’s house in France. She was totally dissatisfied with their house regulations and she sticks to homesick. She will be satisfied and happy only in the presence of Anna. But still her mind wandered in the mountains and in her grandfather’s house. As day passes by, she became too abnormal, thinking always about her grandfather, her friend Peter and her moments with them. Meanwhile Anna’s father arrives to France to see his daughter. Then he comes to know about Heidi and her problems. He understood her problems and he showed pity. Finally Anna’s father decides to send her back to the mountains. Heidi is surprised and happy to hear that she is taken back to her grandfather. So Heidi leaves France with tears for missing Anna and Anna promises Heidi, that she will stay along with her in the mountains, during the spring. Finally, Heidi’s peaceful life is restored after seeing her grandfather and Peter.

As promised, Anna visits Heidi’s grandfather’s house in the spring. Heidi and her grandfather tried their level best to make Anna walk. Anna walked normally and she gave a surprising shock to her father, when he came to take her back to France. Anna’s father was so delighted to see her daughter walking for the first time and he expressed his gratitude to Heidi and her grandfather.


Ant Bully

Killing insects, flies, ants are usual for a human in their childhood.  Plucking the wings of flies, pulling out the feathers of birds, putting ants into the candle flame are few activities that every children will do and also they are innocent. Also some people will do it, with intension. Regardless to the size, tiny creature also has the pain, similar to the human being. They do have family, houses, happiness, desire in their life. They are here in this world to enjoy the life given by the god, similar to us. But for our happiness, we always will disturb and hurt them. The movie, “Ant Bully” beautifully enunciates and proves the life of ants and their daily moral activities are being disturbed and how they are struggling from species of higher levels in food chain.

Story starts with a 8 year old kid named Lucas, who was a fainted heart and timid fellow. When he comes to play games, always his friends will satire and  tease him about his height, because, he is the shortest boy in the crew. So the boy was too fret and disappointed about reacting back. He showed his wrath to tiny creatures instead of building guts and reacting back to his friends. Whenever if their friends make fun of him, he will keep it in mind and he will react back by pouring water on Ant bush(since ants are tiny, they can’t react back), which is near his garden and that destroys ants houses in colony, kills ants and lot more troubles.

So, one day all the ants decided to teach a lesson to this boy, and with intention, they wanted to teach the human beings that they also has life equivalent to them. The BOSS of the ant clan sought the help of ant wizard  named Nicolas Cage, who can do stuffs with the magic. So Nicolas found a liquid solution, which can degrade the size of human beings to the size of ants. Nicolas goes into Lucas house and he pours the solution inside the boy’s ear. Surprisingly, the boy became to the size of an ant. So he was tied and he was dragged into the bush. He is pushed before the boss and charged with a punishment for destroying and disturbing the colony. The punishment is, “he is supposed to stay with them in the colony and to learn their daily life practices”. So the boy undergoes crucial chores and finally he learns their culture. Meantime he develops good friendship with them, by helping them to get rid of the flies (their enemies), who came to invade the colony and also he helps them to get food for their storage. In the climax, he saves the colony by defending the spray hitter, the final boss, and he succeeds. The boy was rewarded for his bravery and finally he is sent back to his normal life and there he realizes all the mistakes which he committed and he lives happily ever with brave and courage.