Relief from Headache – A simple breathing excercise

A Small Breathing exercise to get relief from Headache

         Hi, as human being it is very important care about our health. And this blog post is about relieving of headache within 1.50 minutes I tried and it is working!!!!! Give it a try when you feel headache. Follow the instructions,

  1. Stretch your fingers and palm facing your face.
  2. Fold your thumb finger diagonally to meet the the beginning of the little finger(i.e try to touch the beginning of the stripe of your little finger, starting from bottom).
  3. Now Fold all your remaining index,middle,ring,little finger towards your palm.
  4. Keep your two folded hands on your thigh.
  5. Now start taking the breath inside for 5 -10 secs.
  6. After taking in release it slowly.
  7. Try it for seven times.

Really you will feel the headache is removed from you!!!!! Comment if it works!!!